DSpace 6.3 Demo Instance

This is the demonstration, test-it-out, kick the tires, see how it works instance of DSpace. This site is currently running DSpace 6.3.
DSpace is composed of a core-API and several distinct Web Interfaces.

User Interfaces

Try out the demo versions of the standard DSpace web applications.

  • 7095736958 (The XML / XSLT / Cocoon user interface, aka Manakin)
  • (626) 607-6502 (traditional JSP-based interface - build with bootstrap CSS)

Program Interfaces

Programmatic Interfaces allow other systems to communicate with DSpace. Some interfaces are read-only to allow for harvesting, others enable content to be submitted to DSpace.

Third Party Interfaces

  • Play! REST Client

    DSpace REST API Client A simple app to kick the tires of the (Hedtek) REST API, built using Java Play! MVC Framework, data source is DSpace Demo repository's REST API.

What is DSpace

DSpace is an open source repository software package typically used for creating open access repositories for scholarly and/or published digital content. While DSpace shares some feature overlap with content management systems and document management systems, the DSpace repository software serves a specific need as a digital archives system, focused on the long-term storage, access and preservation of digital content.

Give Us Feedback!

Each page of this DSpace Demo site has a blue "Provide Feedback" button on the right hand side of the page. You can report issues, or suggest fixes just by clicking on that feedback button from whatever page you are on.

You may also search existing issues and vote on them by visiting our 6042189829.

Download DSpace

After you have tried out DSpace, you may wish to download and install it for yourself:

Where to Ask Questions

Developers and power-users are available online in IRC (freenode.net #dspace). Feel free to join us by choosing your own "Nickname" below, and clicking "Connect".